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We stayed here for my husband’s birthday and I booked it based on the photos of the amazing views of the lake from the cottages. The photos are accurate and the views do not disappoint! We could tell that there were several other guests in the cottages around us but we never heard anyone and felt like we were the only ones there. The cottage was very clean and there is nothing like going to bed and being able to see the awesome view from there. The balconies also make for great sunset viewing! The staff were helpful and polite and the entrance to LBL is less than two miles away. We also walked through the marina and looked at all of the amazing sailboats which was really cool too.

Salt Lake City, Utah

1 1st location
2 1st winter
2a ships store 77
3 1st boatshow
3a Marty on Hobie with skier
4 2nd location
4a Tim 79
5 Brenda 80
6 1981 2nd location
7 3rd location
8 Marty on dragline
8a Grand rivers Boat Dock 82
8b GRBD 1982 221
9 Marina 83
10 St Louis Boat show 83
10a harbor entrance 203
11 breakwall 76 1983
12 N Camp 1983 118
13 old shop 201
14Brenda marina 85
15 Marina 1988
16 Flood 1987 1 1997
17 Pier 4 excavation with S camp background 87
18 Pier 4 excavation 87
19 view from P4 24 1987
20 lift well 9a
21 hoist 89
22 MC-BC second home 90
23 Lighthouse sign 198 4-1990
24 Erector set hoist 92
25 148 1993
26 sailboat sales 1993 74a
27 Meeting room 151 1993
28 Ecavation 94 a
29 Ecavation 94
30 Flood 1994 4 1994
31 Marty fun race
32 MC-BC 94
33 Snow 1994 10a 2-1194
34 N8 3a 1996
35 S bath160
36 Grand Rivers Beach 229-2
Marty Colburn has enjoyed living, working and playing on Kentucky Lake for most of his life. His love for the outdoors stems from family outings on the lake, where his parents taught him how to ski and handle boats.

In June of 1977, Marty established Kentucky Lake Sails. The first office was a 32’ mobile office trailer located on Hwy. 62 in Calvert City. The first two years Marty sold AMF Sunfish, Catalina, Cape Dory, Irwin, Macgregor and various other sailboats. In 1978 he picked up the Hunter, J Boat, and San Juan sailboat lines.

In the fall of 1979, the business was moved across the highway to higher ground and more permanent buildings including a small service shop. Tim Colburn, Marty’s brother, came onboard in the fall of 1979 to help service and commission the sailboats. Most slips in the area were covered and open slips were hard to lease. Marty started considering options for a marina.

Brenda joined the team in the spring of 1980 as bride, bookkeeper and boat cleaner. Brenda learned to sail that spring on a 27’ Stiletto catamaran. They spent a lot of time sailing and often took people for rides showing them how much fun sailing on Kentucky Lake can be.

Dreams can come true. In 1982, Brenda and Marty bought a run down marina known as Grand Rivers Boat Dock and moved KY Lake Sails to the new location. After extensive dredging, several extreme floods and building new slips, break walls, cottages, and various other buildings, the original marina with 50 dilapidated slips and rundown campground was gradually transformed into the full service resort Lighthouse Landing is today.

They all wore a variety of hats while growing Lighthouse Landing, from designer, contractor and builder to bookkeeper, boat washer, boat sales person. Every day seemed rewarding, some days more than others.

During a ceremony on June 11, 1992, the United States Coast Guard presented Tim and Marty Colburn, Silver Lifesaving Medals for a boating incident that happened on April 12, 1991, which involved “the rescue of two children and two adults from certain death by preventing their disabled pleasure craft from being swept over an open spillway of Kentucky Dam on the Tennessee River”, (as stated on the citation). The presentations were signed by J.W. Kime, Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard.

Lighthouse Landing Lighthouse was built to celebrate their 25th year in business. The Lighthouse, located on the south break wall was started in the fall of 2002 and completed in the spring of 2003. The 186’ lighted boardwalk leads you along the top of the break wall to the Lighthouse which stands 40 feet above the water at winter pool. Lighthouse Landing Lighthouse is a welcome sign to all those who visit Lighthouse Landing.

Lighthouse Landing currently has 180 boat slips, 60 campsites, 22 cottages, 2 Guest rooms, Meeting Room, sailboat sales, service and sailing school. Also, Marty Colburn Photo galley with photographs of wildlife, nature and sailing on display.

Lighthouse Landing will be celebrating 40 years in business June 2017.

Listed below are employees, who have been with Lighthouse Landing 5 years or longer and helped Lighthouse Landing grow to what it is today.

Marty Colburn, Owner/President – 1977
Tim Colburn, Service Mgr and Sales –1979-2006 (in our hearts forever)
Brenda Colburn, Owner/Bean Counter – 1980
Robin Colburn, Rental Mgr/sales – 1987
Chip Riddle, Sailing Instructor/sales – 2007
Emily Shelton, Office/Rental Mgr – 2008
Beth Cheswick, Guest Services – 2011

Frequent Guests

We love Lighthouse Landing, and have stayed there twice a year for 9 years. The cottages look just as new as on trip one. Every cottage has a beautiful view, and they are situated in a way that you really don’t notice your neighbors when you are out on your deck. They are well maintained, and continually upgraded in various ways (replacing toilets, deck railings, deck chairs, furnishings, coffee pots…). We prefer home cooking to restaurant fare, so the kitchen facilities in the cottages are a big plus. We think of Lighthouse Landing as our second home.

Springfield, Illinois

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