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We love Lighthouse Landing, and have stayed there twice a year for 9 years. The cottages look just as new as on trip one. Every cottage has a beautiful view, and they are situated in a way that you really don’t notice your neighbors when you are out on your deck. They are well maintained, and continually upgraded in various ways (replacing toilets, deck railings, deck chairs, furnishings, coffee pots…). We prefer home cooking to restaurant fare, so the kitchen facilities in the cottages are a big plus. We think of Lighthouse Landing as our second home.

Springfield, Illinois


Jonathan Creek
A very large bay on the west side of the lake that is home to several fishing marinas. The channel is narrow and services are not compatible to sailboats. Kenlake Marina is easier to get into and better suited for the cruising sailor.


Rhodes Bay
Pretty much a straight in bay with little protection from the open lake and the prevailing south west winds. A good lunch stop but Higgins would be a better choice to spend the night in this part of the lake.


Some protection in this small bay is afforded along the south side all the way back but it is still pretty open to the lake. Be sure to stay close to the south side when entering.


Vickers Bay
If you enter on the south side there is good depth almost all the way back into this moderate size bay. Near the front of the bay there is a good spot to anchor near what could be considered a primitive beach area. You may find houseboats pushed up to the beach, especially on weekends.


Barnett Bay
The last bay before the Eggner Ferry bridge is a smaller version of Vickers. It is easy to identify because of the pipe line clearing to the north and the bridge to the south. At this point you are 17 miles from Lighthouse Landing and radio contact is marginal, even from the middle of the lake.


Eggner Ferry Bridge
The main channel span is 57 feet above the water during normal pool (water level elevation 359 feet above sea level). The channel is well marked and clearly leads to the main span. The main span is the only span to use going under the bridge. Of course, you should stand by while commercial traffic passes under. Once under the bridge the secondary channel splits off to the right to take you into Ledbetter Creed and Kenlake Marina.


Kenlake Marina
Call ahead on VHF channel 16 to arrange dockage at the State Resort Park. This marina has a small dockside restaurant, ice, water and other supplies. A pumpout is available at the marina to empty the holding tank. The resort restaurant is quite like the one at Kentucky Dam State Park. You can get directions to walk to it (mostly up hill) or the park will send a van to give you a lift. Arrangements can be made through the marina staff. The return trip works the same way but the down hill hike may be a welcome opportunity to stretch your legs. Another possibility worth considering is the Brass Lantern restaurant in Aurora, Kentucky. A phone call will normally bring a limo to carry you to and from this popular steak house any day except Monday and Tuesday.


Ledbetter Creek
If you did not choose a transient slip at the marina, departure after dinner will have you looking for a place to drop the hook. Ledbetter is a good choice. Even though it is on the commercial side of the lake, it is surrounded by the park so there are no houses or businesses. Good depth and protection is available in both fingers of the bay. If you head south when you leave the bay you should be careful to stay in the marked channel. There is a secondary channel on the shallow west side of the lake and a cross channel to get you back to the east side of the lake. Leave the green and red intersection buoy on your starboard side and then take the green buoys on your starboard side to cross the lake.


Turkey Bay
This would be a good anchorage if it were not for the noise. The area around Turkey Bay is a designated off road vehicle area. These people love their machines and run them all night long.


Anderson Creek
No easterly protection is afforded in this west side bay. It can still be a decent anchorage if the Hutson grain facility is not in operation. From about 2/3 to 3/4 the way back the water depth is between 9 and 16 feet at normal pool.


Blood River
Lots of shoals and minimum services have prompted us to make this bay on the west side of the lake off limits to our charter fleet.


Rushing Creek
The large campground and open mouth of this bay detract from its potential as an overnight anchorage.


Ginger Bay
A narrow entrance to this LBL bay, at 53 on the main channel, opens into a large well protected and scenic anchorage. Nearly anywhere around the perimeter of the bay can be used for an overnight stop. There is one shallow spot off the south side just east of the basin at the front of the bay. A lake access area means the usual light camping and boat ramp.

Great Place to Get Away and Relax!

First time there – though it was my fiancé’s second. Loved it so much – rebooked for next year at check out. Nice – well kept resort and marina – quiet – with great views of the lake – and especially the sun sets!! All the employees there were so nice and helpful. We had a package delivered while staying there – they called to let us know it was there! We docked our boat, docks were really nice. Short walking distance to the town which is quaint and loaded with fun shops to go into. And places to eat, grocery store, bank and ice cream shop! Some outside activities for kids – goofy golf, bikes, etc. The cottages are so well kept, fully stocked kitchen. We took our own food, cooked and you have your own private grill outside your cottage. Day we were leaving we ran into some regular clients who stay the who summer – all very nice and friendly! We are living to go back next year.

Butler, Pennsylvania

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